1. altrillism said: What do you shoot with? I'm looking for a 35mm point n shoot w/ flash

    I’ve just been shooting with a random $10 Olympus point and shoot I found in a secondhand store in Prague (A waitress spilled beer on my old camera) 

    But honestly just see what you can find for cheap on amazon and then go on flickr and search the make of the camera to check out what types of images it can make. It seems to have worked out for me.


  2. So I shot a bunch of film this summer, but I didn’t shoot the way I normally shoot. I shot some pretty formal portraits of my family in medium format— I was trying to get out of my normal headspace where I just shoot snapshot-y youth culture. While I think it was a good exercise and a lovely experience, I didn’t really get much work out of it that I would be happy showing. 

    A couple hundred dollars worth of film later I’ve decided that I had been on the right track before I spent all that money. I ain’t mad though. 


  3. Madrid, ES


  4. Madrid, ES


  5. Prague, CZ


  6. Prague, CZ


  7. Mardid, ES


  8. Just finished up my website, check it out to see my projects as a whole. Let me know if you dig it! 



  9. Madrid, ES


  10. Beroun, CZ