1. I had to shoot a fashion story and I’ve never done that before so I sort of panicked last minute and did this. 

    Prague, CZ


  2. Yet another pretty waterfall, IS


  3. Reykjavik, IS


  4. Another Beautiful Waterfall, IS


  5. Hot springs -somewhere, IS


  6. Some beach, IS


  7. ~*very rare text post, wow*~

    It is strange for me to be taking/posting all of these touristy photos, but I would feel like I have failed as a photographer if I went to Iceland and didn’t take any pictures. Also I sort of feel like I’m cheating because it would be nearly impossible to take an ugly photograph in Iceland. Like, There was a motherfucking DOUBLE RAINBOW in front of the tallest waterfall in Europe and I just go ahead and lift my camera and take a picture of it.. Cut to a week later when I show the picture to my friends/family and I receive so much praise for it as if I created the waterfall myself, raised the rainbow since it was a rainbow baby and placed it in front of the waterfall at that very decisive moment. But yeah, moral of the story is that these photos aren’t really up my alley (besides the portraits, I guess) but I couldn’t resist posting them. 

    Enjoy, there will be more to come

    Also on a side note I’m working with really terrible scans and an uncalibrated computer so please bear with me.. They are pretty rough edits, I am just too impatient to wait to post them.


  8. Some really pretty waterfall in I-don’t-know-where, IS


  9. Blue Lagoon, IS


  10. Beroun, CZ